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Every Solution and Every Need is Different.

SAFE222 Customizes to Meet Your Facility's Needs

Filtered 222nm lights, often referred to as Far-UVC lights, provide a range of innovative solutions to challenges faced in various sectors. Here are some of the key problems that this technology addresses.

Healthcare-Acquired Infections

(HAIs) in Medical Facilities: Many hospitals and medical facilities grapple with HAIs, which can be life-threatening and costly. Safe222's technology can continuously disinfect patient rooms, operating theaters, waiting rooms, and common areas, reducing the risk of infections.

Schools and Educational Institutions

The safety of students and staff is paramount. Safe222's technology can be employed in classrooms, school buses, libraries, and cafeterias, maintaining a sanitized environment and reducing absenteeism due to illness.

Safe Public Transportation

Public transportation vehicles, including buses, trains, and airplanes, can be hotspots for germs. Installing filtered 222nm lights can help keep these environments sanitized, ensuring passenger safety.


Food Safety

Contaminated food can lead to outbreaks and recalls. Far-UVC lights can be used in food processing and storage facilities to decrease the risk of bacterial and viral contamination.

Commercial Space Sanitization

Office buildings, retail spaces, waiting rooms, checkout lines, and recreational facilities can benefit from continuous disinfection without the need for chemicals, reducing both health risks and environmental impact.


Event and Venue Sanitization

Large gatherings and events can be maintained more safely by integrating Safe222's technology into lighting systems, ensuring attendees' well-being.

Reduced Dependence on Chemical Disinfectants

Over-reliance on chemical disinfectants can lead to resistant strains of pathogens and environmental issues. Far-UVC lights offer an eco-friendly alternative.


Protection Against Emerging Pathogens

In an ever-changing world with new viruses and bacteria emerging, Safe222 provides an adaptive solution that can target a broad spectrum of pathogens without the need for specific chemical formulations.

In essence, filtered 222nm lights by Safe222 offer a versatile and adaptable solution to a myriad of challenges associated with disinfection and public health. Their ability to function in occupied spaces without posing significant risks to humans makes them a game-changer in the fight against pathogens.


Model G6

  • Filtered 222nm UVC Emitter

  • 1100 Sq Ft of Effective Coverage. 

  • Commercial or Residential

  • 120V-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

Model Q4

  • Filtered 222nm UVC Emitter

  • 4400 Sq Ft of Effective Coverage. 

  • Commercial or Residential

  • 120V-240V AC, 50-60 Hz

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